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What our customers are saying about Acceleration Systems

Don’t take our word about how great our bandwidth optimization solutions are…take theirs

We won’t fill up the page with our own words, however we will let you read our customers’ bandwidth optimization testimonials about their experience utilizing Acceleration Systems’ solutions to accelerate their business forward.

  • "We run into a problem and I get to see your team jump to get it fixed.  The nature of tech equipment is the act of making one part better commonly hurts/breaks another, so seeing a team that is on top of fixing an issue is definitely a good thing, because its bound to happen again at some point."  
    Customer, Oil & Gas Industry
  • "Acceleration Systems helps us win new opportunities and build upon existing client relationships by supplying a cost-effective and reliable bandwidth optimization service that meets the needs of our customers. Acceleration Systems helps differentiate us from our competitors, who just sell IT related services. We want to not only provide consulting services, but provide solutions for network connectivity and performance, which has proven to be an issue that most businesses need to resolve to remain competitive.  We recently deployed the Acceleration Systems bandwidth optimization service with an RBA for a client, and we were extremely impressed that the RBA immediately resolved the customer’s ongoing issues.  Our customer now has better VoIP quality, greater end-user experiences, and increased Internet performance. With fast and easy set-up, we just turned it on and it worked. As an Acceleration Systems Partner, we receive great reseller support in the form of training, technical support, marketing collateral, white papers, and case studies. It is clear that Acceleration Systems is serious about building a quality reseller program."

    Kevin McCollum, President, IT Network ConsultantsReseller
  • "So far so good. Did some basic final pushes both directions back at the office at it is working well here at NAB."  
    Customer, Satellite Communications Provider
  • RBA in place at a well site for a week and reported "offload stats: 53% and 98% up."  
    Customer, Oil & Gas Industry
  • "The accelerator worked as advertised. I tried to break it, but it never broke.  I watched the failover work. I appreciate the data I get back from the interface.  I see significant improvement with email and spreadsheet attachments. I want to replace my routers I have to today with RBAs."
    Customer, Project Services Provider - Oil & Gas Industry
  • “100% success.  I am very pleased with the performance and the new web interface (on the Remote Business Accelerator).”  
    Customer, Oil & Gas Industry