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Get social with Acceleration Systems

The purpose of Acceleration Systems’ social media accounts are to engage with you, our customers, investors, vendors, and partners. We will work hard to bring you the latest updates and stories about Acceleration Systems and bandwidth optimization, but we won’t overwhelm you by posting more than necessary – I mean, we do have a business to run and innovative technology to share with the world.

Connect on LinkedIn to get updates and learn about professional career opportunities with Acceleration Systems. Discover job opportunities with our company offering revolutionary Internet acceleration and bandwidth optimization technologies. Bonus points if you link to our CEO.

Connect with other Acceleration Systems customers to learn how Acceleration Systems improves their business with bandwidth optimization. Use the Facebook page as a resource to reach Acceleration Systems and other users of bandwidth optimization technology to collaborate with and share ideas.

Follow us at @AccelSys for updates, customer news, upcoming contests, trade show announcements, and more. Our Twitter page features real-time updates regarding service issues, server status, performance results, statistics and an occasional snarky retweet regarding bandwidth optimization as seen through the eyes of Acceleration Systems.

Our YouTube channel features videos about set-up, support demonstrations, and archived webinars about bandwidth optimization and Internet acceleration products and services from Acceleration Systems.

Join us on Google+ to connect with us for live conversations, receive updates, and view archived media about bandwidth optimization and Internet acceleration technology.

Our blog hosted right here on our site is a great way to remain connected to AS. We will post stories and articles featuring bandwidth optimization technology experts discussing current products and services, trend updates and other company information from Acceleration Systems. We will try to keep it entertaining by posting random fun stuff from offices as well as the techy stuff that keeps geeks coming back. We love techy geeks.

Follow us on Instagram for pictures from inside the world of Acceleration Systems.

The purpose of our social media pages is to cultivate and create opportunities for discussions with us and other Acceleration Systems users. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your comments. However, keep your snarky comments to yourself – unless you want us to respond with our own brand of sarcasm. Which can be fun. Feel free to post “Riverbed Sucks” anytime you want. We’ll like, favorite, and retweet that sh*t all day long. That being said, please keep the following things in mind:

Acceleration Systems’ Social Media Commitments

  • We want to hear from you. No, really, we do. We are committed to engaging with our followers and entrust you will use whichever social media platform you find the most comfortable to use. Admit it, we all have our favorites. We look forward to your comments, messages, emails, and posts. Don’t be shy, we do want to hear from you.
  • We’ll do our best to respond. We can’t promise we will get to all the posts. It’s likely we’re not ignoring you on purpose. Unless you are one of the variants of Rob Lowe that has cable rather than DirectTV. Then we will ignore you on purpose. You like watching cat videos don’t you? Well, someone’s gotta make the Internet connections better, right? Seriously though, we will try to reply to as many questions and comments as we possibly can. Chances are if you ask about cats, we will respond to those first. #AccelSysLovesCats
  • Our responses and engagement does not translate to any type of endorsements. We will like, follow, share, retweet all kinds of relevant or fun information from other various media accounts. None of which shall constitute any type of endorsement of all posts from that account. To put it another way, even complete buffoons might occasionally say something sensible, and if we end up liking that one thing, don’t think we endorse all of their other buffoonery.
  • Your views are yours and not necessarily ours. While we welcome engagement from our followers, we want to make it clear that posts made on our pages by our followers do not necessarily reflect Acceleration Systems’ views. Say something particularly idiotic or offensive, and we will mock you openly.

What We Expect from You

  • Personal responsibility. You are personally responsible for your own postings. Don’t post false or misleading information. A bit of fact checking helps.
  • Be respectful and nice. Employees of Acceleration Systems represent a wide diversity of thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints and therefore, we respect a similar wide range of viewpoints from our followers as well. It’s pretty a simple, respect others online and don’t attack anyone. Please don’t make us babysit the Internet and have to remove nasty content. Be respectful of others and just be nice.