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Bandwidth optimization for executives

There are many facets to a successful business career.  But to get to the top and to stay there, executives are expected to be reachable all day, every day.  It doesn’t matter if they’re in a meeting, in the air on corporate travel, or off on a personal vacation. Our connected culture has come to expect that decision makers are always available.

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones make it possible to stay in touch, but the ability to communicate also relies upon adequate access to the Internet. Without a good connection, communications can be inefficient or impossible. When traveling in areas with marginal service, executive efficiency suffers.

Anyone who has used hotel Internet service (even top tier hotels) knows how slow the service can run when trying to wrap up a busy day. Who suffers? The executive who loses sleep because took so long to transmit those final emails and reports.

Then there’s the opportunity to get away for a weekend. Maybe it would turn into an extended stay if there were adequate Internet at the cabin on top of a mountain or the house on the island. A well-earned break is good for everyone. No questions that a few days away can be great for an overworked executive. And a refreshed leader is good for the organization. But you have to stay accessible or you can’t take the break.

Acceleration Systems’ cloud-based bandwidth optimization service dramatically enhances the performance of any Internet connection.  Users of our acceleration service see immediate improvement in responsiveness – especially people running over challenged Internet connections.

Where the only options are slow and/or expensive Internet access, bandwidth optimization from Acceleration Systems can transform an otherwise marginal connection into a productive link. That translates to more sleep on the road and more time away from the office with friends and family.

Fast and Easy Setup

Acceleration Systems’ optimization service eliminates all the setup hassles and huge expense associated with traditional optimization products. We manage the service for you from the cloud.

Faster service is as simple as plugging your laptop (or wireless router on the mountain or on the island) into a Remote Business Accelerator. We ship your Remote Business Accelerator, a small router sized device, pre-configured and set to optimize your connection. With fast and easy set up, the delivery driver can set it up for you.

Bandwidth optimization from Acceleration Systems is easy to install and very affordable. You deserve it. See for yourself.  Have your IT staff request a free 14 day on-site trial today.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.