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Home Office

Bandwidth optimization for the home office

The home office offers convenience and low overhead. It offers big advantages for both startups and established individuals/small operations. People that work out of home offices rely on Internet connectivity in order to communicate and conduct business. Whether working from a desk located in a corporate office or from the comfort of home, reliability and performance expectations of the Internet and a network still remain the same: high.

Limited Connectivity Availability

Quality service at affordable rates is essential to a healthy bottom line. Unfortunately there are some areas, even in developed areas, that are underserved at any price. While there has been a push to expand the reach of broadband, the lower the population density in a given area, the smaller the investment in infrastructure. Infrastructure improvement projects are only started if it is believed the investment is profitable, making residential areas low on the priority list. The result is that while Internet is nearly universally available, the more rural the environment, the slower the available connection speeds.

While it frustrating to have limited choices and access to only less than desirable connections, there is some good news. Acceleration Systems allows those working from a home office to make the best of any connection. We know that much of today’s business can happen at home during the evenings or on the weekends, just ask our CEO, who never seems to sleep. Our bandwidth optimization service is just as important within a home as it is inside a corporate office. We can optimize any connection, be it slow or unstable, and can make it work as efficiently as higher grade connections. Don’t let your residential area connectivity availability decide how you work. Let Acceleration Systems optimize and accelerate your home office connection and change how you work from home.

Wi-Fi at Home

More and more homes are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing all kinds of devices to connect to the network. From tablets to phones, to printers and laptops, and even gaming systems, everyone is connecting to the Internet from a wide range of devices at home. The number of devices will only continue to grow and place a larger demand on network bandwidth and capacity. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions is perfect for home Wi-Fi networks, allowing for a large number devices to connect, all while increasing the performance of a home network.

Easy Deployment with Fast and Easy Setup

You want high performing and faster Internet at home right?  But the thought of trying to set up new technology is as painful as watching paint dry. We get it. Playing with techy stuff isn’t for everyone, besides you might be the type that is still trying to figure out how to connect your kids’ gaming system to the wireless network or how to operate the DVR.

Chances are you aren’t the IT person of the company so the thought of implementing new technology is so scary that you may actually forgo the chance at faster Internet. Fortunately, even the most technically challenged folks can set up our equipment. Our technology offers a simple deployment making it the perfect solution for the home office.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.