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Midsized Business

Moving at the speed of business

Efficiencies at all levels of operations contribute to bottom line. As organizations grow and operations become geographically diverse, the sharing of information over long distances (especially between countries) becomes more important, but yet creates new challenges. Midsized businesses have developed complex operations required to support a large and growing customer base. With companies expanding in size and opening multiple offices across the world, existing networks are struggling to keep up with the increased number of users in multiple locations and the varying applications they conduct business on. This slip in network performance can mean the difference in becoming an industry leader or falling to the side while competitors rise to the top. In order to stay ahead in the game, it’s critical that midsized businesses and organizations get the most from their bandwidth.

Staying alive in today’s competitive environment requires midsized businesses get the most from their available bandwidth. Distributed workforces, data intensive websites, large attachments and files, and more and more applications moving to the cloud pushing existing connections to their limits – and beyond. The requirements and demands to run a successful business will always outpace the deployment of new infrastructure, not only creating frustrations for employees and owners, but ultimately effecting the efficiency and success of the business. Employees rely on a network that can deliver their applications and files quickly and reliably, regardless of location, distance from the service, and connection type inconsistencies. Overcoming such challenges previously meant investing in expensive solutions that required lengthy implementation schedules, only to produce results that were less than optimal.

Bandwidth optimization is no longer just for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.  Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions overcomes existing connectivity challenges and directly addresses the needs of midsized businesses utilizing a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS), subscription based model.

Upgrading Performance without the Costs

Given the costs of deploying additional fiber, midsized businesses are looking to increase and maximize their current bandwidth without building additional infrastructure. Acceleration Systems relies on technology known broadly as Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization. WAN Optimization is a collection of techniques and technologies for increasing data transfer efficiencies and application performance across networks.

Company Office Wi-Fi

Employees and management teams are using a mix of mobile devices around the office to connect to the Internet to better perform tasks associated with their jobs. This number of devices will only continue to grow and increase the demand on network bandwidth and capacity. Internet connections are no longer just for the laptops and desktop computers. Bandwidth optimization would allow for the increasing number of users while increasing the performance of existing network performance.

Bandwidth Management

Just doing business bogs down the network. As employees access multiple applications, use mobile devices, and send larger attachments across the network, IT administrators are now starting to better understand the need for bandwidth management.  In order to keep operations and business related information flowing, bandwidth management should be one of the most important aspects in improving connectivity and performance.  Bandwidth management tools and reporting capabilities are available with our optimization solutions. Utilizing our solution will help network administrators prioritize network traffic in order to help keep your organization moving at the speed of business.

VoIP and Video Communications

Businesses with locations all over the world rely on VoIP and streaming video technology for many different reasons including training purposes, exchanging information, and sharing business updates.  VoIP based systems help reduce expenses typically associated with traditional phone systems. This demand on the network can be burdensome to most connectivity types that haven’t been optimized. Connecting with various office locations via video will also reduce the future costs currently spent on travel for in-person meetings and events.  Adding Acceleration Systems to your network will help increase Internet speeds, and boost the overall performance of the connection allowing users a more productive experience without the six-figure price tag typically associated with bandwidth optimization solutions.

Experience higher performance at a much more affordable cost.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.