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Small Business

Bandwidth optimization for small business

Small business remains the engine of the economy, employing the most workers and traditionally serving the needs of local community. We salute you small business!

The advent of the Internet has expanded the reach of small business, helping to grow small businesses and become successful. However, the Internet also increased pressure on small businesses to stay a step ahead of the competition. To remain competitive requires the efficient flow of information within the organization and out to customers.  Email, web site development, surfing for products and monitoring competitors, all need affordable, high speed connectivity.


Offices located in rural areas often face challenges in obtaining high-speed Internet connectivity. While there has been a huge investment in expanding the reach of broadband, these funds are still spent with an eye on return on investment – the lower the population density in a given area (and therefore the fewer potential subscribers), the smaller the investment in infrastructure. The result is that while Internet is nearly universally available, the more rural the environment, the slower the available connection speeds. In small office scenarios, where multiple individuals are sharing a single connection that would be considered barely adequate for home use, productivity and efficiency are greatly reduced.

Acceleration Systems allows small business to make the best of any available connections in their area. Our solutions were created with the small business in mind. We can optimize any connection that is less desirable and make it work as efficiently as higher grade connections. Don’t let your location and poor connections dictate how you operate your business. Just because it’s a small business does not mean that cannot connect like the big boys do. Let us optimize and accelerate your connection and business.

Branch Offices and Satellite Offices

The connectivity challenge of small businesses or offices is more acute when a small office is a branch office of a larger organization. These branch offices are often highly reliant on cloud-based (or headquarters-based) services for email, file servers, and order entry systems. Relying on a lesser connection type affects application performance and overall employee productivity. By introducing the Remote Business Accelerator into this environment, performance can be improved. Winning!

Company Office Wi-Fi

Even in small offices and businesses, employees are using a mix of mobile devices to connect to the Internet. This number of devices will only continue to grow and increase the demand on network bandwidth and capacity. Internet connections are no longer just for the laptops and desktop computers. Bandwidth optimization would allow for the number of devices connecting to the network to increase, while improving the performance of the network.

VoIP and Video Communications

Small businesses and branch offices rely on VoIP and streaming video technology for many different reasons including training purposes, sharing business communications, and connecting to headquarters. VoIP based systems help reduce expenses typically associated with traditional phone systems, which any small business or office can appreciate. VoIP and video services demand a lot of bandwidth, completely overwhelming underperforming and challenged links. Connecting small branch offices to headquarters or other office locations via video will also reduce the future costs currently spent on travel for in-person meetings and events. Adding Acceleration Systems to any small business or office network will help increase Internet speeds, and boost the overall performance of the connection. High performing communications without the high price tags.

Bandwidth Management

Just doing business slows down the network. As employees access multiple applications, use mobile devices, and send larger attachments across a slowing network, IT administrators are now starting to better understand the need for bandwidth management. In order to keep operations and business related information flowing, bandwidth management should be one of the most important aspects in improving connectivity and performance.  Bandwidth management tools and reporting capabilities are available with our optimization solutions. Utilizing our optimization solutions will help network administrators prioritize network traffic in order to help keep your organization moving at the speed of business.

Easy Deployment

Deploying new technology is typically the last thing on a small business owner’s mind and the same goes for a manager in a branch office. Typically most small businesses or branch offices don’t have a fully staffed IT department, or even one dedicated IT person for that matter. New technology made to improve work performance shouldn’t cause additional stress. Technically challenged folks don’t want to be tasked with chore of setting up gadgets and gizmos, just thinking about it causes some to panic and break out in a sweat. You don’t want sweaty, panicked employees do you?

Lucky for you, employing IT ninjas isn’t required to deploy Acceleration Systems bandwidth optimization products. Whewww! Relieved right? High performing bandwidth no longer necessitates staffing an IT department.

Technology for small business should be easy, really easy. Acceleration Systems’ new optimization technology is so simple and can be adapted into any small business or office environment by any employee. Our technology offers a fast and easy setup and is perfect for technically gifted and technically challenged folks alike. In a matter of minutes, your small business or office is running like a Fortune 500 company.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.