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Cloud to Corporate VPN

Acceleration Systems Cloud-to-Corporate VPN

A conundrum. A brain teaser. A downright unsolvable problem.

How do you provide last mile bandwidth optimization while maintaining a VPN connection back to corporate headquarters?

The more you know, the more unsolvable this problem seems. Once data has been encrypted in a VPN, it can’t be accelerated. You have to do the optimization first, then do the encryption. But that requires decryption (and therefore “de-optimization”) at the destination. But what if no de-optimizer is available, due to cost or institutional control issues? But you still need last mile optimization to overcome a limited Internet connection. It’s enough to give an IT professional fits.

At Acceleration Systems, we like to think you can have your cake and eat it, too. You just have to be creative. And we’re plenty creative in this regard. We can provide last-mile optimization while maintaining encryption and VPN back to corporate.

It’s true. Check our patents.