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Competitive Advantage

Competitors? We kick their butts.

To listen to the established bandwidth optimization companies talk about their solutions, a few things become clear: This is going to be expensive, and this is going to be complicated. Dig a little deeper, and you discover they don’t optimize the entire connection – only a connection to one resource. As an industry, we can do a whole lot better than that.

Acceleration Systems Competitive Solution Comparison


Our cloud-based subscription model for bandwidth optimization delivers a lower price point and lower total cost of ownership than any competitive solution. In fact, our price is so compelling that millions of businesses who could never before even consider bandwidth optimization now have the ability to improve the speed and performance of their Internet connection and reduce their total data usage.


Their solutions are complicated to implement. Ask anyone who’s tried. Or just look at their implementation manual. Hundreds of pages of PDFs. Acceleration Systems offers a fast and simple setup that anyone can deploy.

Optimize Everything

Our cloud-based model allows for optimization of all data flowing to and from a remote site. Email. Web browsing. Cloud-ERP access. VoIP. Everything. Try talking to a salesman for a competitive solution about optimizing everything and you’ll be treated to one of the greatest song and dance routines of all times.