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Aryaka Comparison

Acceleration Systems vs Aryaka

Aryaka’s kind of a cool company. Another new kid on the block, trying to change the paradigm. And we respect that. But we solve a very different problem than they do.

Aryaka operates a network of data centers around the world and optimizes traffic between them. If you want to use their services, you buy a dedicated connection from each of your offices to Aryaka’s closest POP. Traffic moving from office A to office B travels through Aryaka’s private network and is optimized along the way. Excellent solution for a specific use case. But totally ignores all the other use cases (and that’s OK, as they are designed for the largest global companies).

What if you only have one location? This question will confuse Aryaka, as they are all about optimizing traffic moving between continents, not moving over the last mile.

What if you only have an option for slow public Internet access at your location? This question will also confuse Aryaka, as they require a dedicated (read expensive) connection between your office and the nearest Aryaka POP.

What if you’re concerned about per-site cost? Our total cost of ownership and monthly subscription rates are lower than theirs. A lot lower.

So hats off to the Arayaka team – they’re breaking molds and changing paradigms – all while trying to eat Riverbed’s lunch. Much love, guys.