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Hardware Fail Safe

Fail-safe bandwidth optimization

When you incorporate any device into your network infrastructure, you add additional complexity and a potential additional point of failure. We recognize this potential, and have taken steps to eliminate those risks with our Remote Business Accelerator.

Our Remote Business Accelerator is industrial grade hardware, built on bullet-proof chipsets, that has been field-proven over years of testing and tens of thousands of installations. So the hardware shouldn’t fail. But it might, so we accounted for that, too.

Our RBA has built in pass-through technology. When installed in-line between your modem and your internal network (RBA port 1 & 2), our hardware goes into pass-through mode when powered down. That means in the event of a hardware failure (or someone accidentally unplugging it), port 1 & 2 are physically connected as if the RBA were not there. You internal network receives new DHCP directly from the modem, and the network continues to function. (Without bandwidth optimization, of course, so we’ll want to attend to this as soon as possible, but at least the site keeps running).

We’ve also incorporated this idea into our software. In the event that the accelerator function becomes unavailable (glitch, bug, or otherwise), our software automatically routes traffic around the accelerator function and alerts our NOC. Again, the site stays running and the users continue to be able to access the Internet.