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The AS Difference

Acceleration Systems is different than other bandwidth optimization solutions

A different Bandwidth Optimization CompanyIf you’re considering a bandwidth optimization solution, no doubt you’ve checked out the incumbents. They’re complicated. They’re expensive. You might have even said to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way.”

In a word, yes!

Welcome to Acceleration Systems, where we developed an entirely new approach to bandwidth optimization.

It’s easy to install and manage. If you can configure a LinkSys router, installing Acceleration Systems will be child’s play. Seriously.

It’s flexible and adaptive. It self-configures and automatically adjusts to changing Internet conditions. Really.

It’s cheap to own. Very low up-front costs and a small monthly subscription.

It does it all. We accelerate the whole Internet, not just one application server. Yes, everything.

It’s secure. Hashed. Encrypted. Proxied. NSA who?