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Deployment and Management Best Practices

Managing your bandwidth optimization solution

Our goal from day one was to make our bandwidth optimization technology not only the most effective and cost-effective product on the market, but to also make it as easy as possible. We can happily say that we succeeded!

Of course no two networks are alike, neither are Administrators, so there are always different considerations to be accounted for in your network. Have a simple SOHO network? Then our product is one of the simplest network devices you have ever installed.

Have a more complex setup or you want to use an enterprise class firewall? Do you need real routing capabilities, DNS control, HA, and all the other bells and whistles? Then you are in luck because we also have what you need and yes, it’s all available in the same product for one cost. That’s it, one cost. We won’t hit you up for extra package license fees with our hardware.

Do you need to interface our RBA with your Management system? It’s your lucky day because our RBA provides SNMP monitoring, performance reporting, and more charts and logs then one can shake a stick at. Our bandwidth optimization hardware has more tools and reporting capabilities than any other out of the box router we know. Boom!

Explode your capabilities, not your budget. Check out all the information we have provided for deployment and management best practices.