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Configuration and Installations

Acceleration Systems RBA Configuration and Installations

Typically the easiest and most common deployment of the RBA that requires the least amount of reconfiguration of your network is our simple 1, 2, 3 type connection.

Acceleration Systems simple RBA set-up process

This configuration assumes that you have a modem/router for your ISP connection and you connect the LAN side port from that device to the WAN port of the RBA (Port 1) you then plug a network cable into one of the LAN ports on the RBA and plug that into your LAN router. As long as the modem/router is set to pass DHCP you are up and running in all of about 3 minutes.


Acceleration Systems RBA deployment best practices

Now let’s get into the trickier stuff. There is more than one way to configure your network and that may be dictated by the bandwidth that is available to you or by specific software or hardware requirements. We understand and we are here to help.

Have a scenario that you are unsure of how to deploy the RBA in? Send us your network layout and we will review it with our engineers and our pre-sales support. We can then confirm the best deployment scenario for you. Send your diagram to and we’ll get right on the configuration parameters to ensure your deployment goes as smoothly as possible.

Our Self Help page has the documentation that most administrators need.