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Private Network SaaS

Bandwidth optimization solutions for Private Network SaaS

Our Private Network SaaS bandwidth optimization solution was designed for the client that would like to isolate their traffic completely from the public. Whether this is for their own Internet access or for use with their own private software/data, there is no need for them to forgo the benefits of our bandwidth optimization technology based on their specific security protocols.

The SaaS version of our bandwidth optimization technology for Private Networks allows a client to have their own dedicated cloud server that only communicates to their RBAs. Acceleration Systems has created this model to allow for a private dedicated cloud server that is hosted and managed by us. In creating this model, the client does not have to ever worry about configuring the cloud server, maintenance, paying associated costs, setup time and management of the unit, all while still meeting the client’s individual security needs. Our bandwidth optimization SaaS model is truly pain-free. Acceleration Systems will handle every step in that process.

Find out more about setting up and owning your own private Acceleration Systems technology for use in your secure network by contacting us.

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