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Software as a Service

Bandwidth optimization software as a service

The modern era of data processing has changed significantly thanks to cloud technology and we are no exception. Software as a Service (SaaS) has made it far more possible than ever to get the latest technology accessible to anyone without busting operational budgets on expensive hardware, and staffing a team of geeks to implement and maintain new technology. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions run typically in the same SaaS model, which means we can offer the SMB market all these exciting benefits without all the expense that previously only Fortune 500 companies could afford.

Our RBA’s connect to Acceleration Systems servers that are hosted globally in the cloud for you. We provide the hardware, handle the upgrades, the services, and the maintenance to keep it all running.

World class technology should not cost an arm and a leg. Gone are the days when you needed special servers, maintenance contracts, additional infrastructure, and a team of guys with pocket protectors to run any type of service. With an easy and simple setup on your end, we handle the rest.