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RBA Features and Functions

More than just an accelerator

So you’ve heard us talk about acceleration, now let’s talk about the box!

Let’s face it, we all want enterprise-class capabilities in our network, a solid firewall, programmable interfaces, VPN, HA, and enough power behind it all to handle some serious amounts of traffic. Don’t shortchange yourself, you CAN have all the bells and whistles without having a Fortune 500 budget.

Acceleration Systems’ Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) is more than just a WAN accelerator, this product is a full-featured enterprise-class router. Take our acceleration function out of the picture and you still have a fantastic product that can provide far more power and capabilities than anything at your local computer store, all without blowing a huge chunk of your IT budget. Let’s take a look.

It’s in there, 6 programmable ports, a full-featured firewall with programmable NAT, rules, filtering and limiting, and DHCP server with RA or relay. Create your own State Table rules, multiple gateway routing over multi-WAN connections and load balancing. Logs, graphs, and management interfacing that tell you everything that is happening with your traffic. We have a Wi-Fi model as well, and both are powered by an Intel D525 processor with 4Gbs of RAM (base model) in a fan less, housed in rack mountable chassis with an easy graphic interface to drive it all. Do you know of any SOHO router that can do all that?

Oh, and if that doesn’t excite you enough, we can optimize your Internet by 800%.

Are you a geek like us and want to see it in full detail? Well, you are in luck! We’ve put together this handy little guide that will show you just what this powerful box can do and details each section of the RBA’s configurable components.