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Platforms Supported

Platforms supported by Acceleration Systems

We are operating system agnostic! Acceleration Systems’ RBA works between layers 2-7 of the OSI Network model and is not an OS platform specific product. We take your Internet traffic and process it to streamline the transfer of the data – it’s just that easy. But if you like we can tell you that YES we work with all these platforms and more!

Acceleration Systems’ technology is deployed using our Remote Business Accelerator. All devices at the location will be supported regardless of operating system. If your desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, security system, telephone, refrigerator, lights, HVAC system (or anything else) communicates with TCP/IP, we can support it: Windows, Mac, Android, BSD, iOS, OS X, QNX, Windows Server, Windows Phone, Symbian, IBM z/OS, OS/2, Amiga, BlackBerry, Ubuntu, Citrix, VMware, Solaris, and AS400.

Modems/ Routers and Network Devices:

Again since we are just passing standard network traffic the type or brand of modem or router that you are using with the RBA does not matter. However, just to be sure, we have tested it with all major brands of routers including:

2Wire, Amped, Apple Airport, Asus, Belkin, Cisco, D-Link, EnGenius, Hawking, LinkSys, Netgate, NetGear, Netis, Tenda, TP-Link, TrendNet, DD-WRT, and Zoom.