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White Papers

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization white papers

Acceleration Systems’ white papers were created to further our mission of improving the speed and efficiency of the Internet with bandwidth optimization. This page features a comprehensive list of technical Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization whitepapers, covering topics such as product architecture, benefits, and security. To call this page comprehensive is a bit aspirational at this point, but we have great intentions in this regard.

The ideas and findings in these white papers have been written by the Acceleration Systems team members, independent analysts, or the Acceleration Systems Community (Reseller Partners or customers). Our white papers are designed to share the challenges with current Internet acceleration and how Acceleration Systems is working to address such problems. Breakthrough improvements, new concepts, changes, results, and technology development related to bandwidth optimization are all covered within our whitepapers. Check back regularly to access updated and new white papers and reports.

Optimization and De-duplication Technical Overview

Adaptive Queue Management & Quality of Service

Hardware-Based vs. Cloud-Based WAN Optimization Solutions

Satellite Data Acceleration: TCP vs. Streambed for Satellite