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Transportation Services

Bandwidth optimization for transportation services industry

The business of transportation, whether moving people or raw goods and finished products, is always moving, literally. The transportation industry consists of maritime shipping, the trucking industry, rail freight, and public transportation. The coordination of many moving pieces including the vessels, freight, and the people themselves are signs of thriving economies worldwide.

Operations within the transportation industry can be downright tricky with the limited availability of connections needed in order to coordinate logistics, freight, and consumer travel. Management of an efficient operation and safety considerations demand that some type of connection is accessible even if it is a challenged or highly compromised link. Some transportation industries have an easier time accessing more reliable connections than others, but all face unique challenges – many of which can be successfully addressed through the use of bandwidth optimization technologies.

Transforming Communication for the Business of Transportation

Transportation industries all need reliable connections in order to take care of business and succeed in the marketplace. No matter the environment, vessel type, cargo, and connection type available, all transportation industries have one challenge in common – finding a reliable and cost effective way of communicating. Each industry produces different types of data in a various quantities that are transmitted from their vehicle to operators and management teams around the world complicating their communication needs further.

Using state-of-the-art planning tools can advance the varying transportation industries when evaluating their particular systems and the overall customer satisfaction. Using such tools, new software, and cutting-edge applications can only be effective as the connection employed. While those in the transportation industry may not have their choice of connection types, they now have options to improve the performance of challenged links like satellite, WiMAX, microwave, and 3G-4G. Acceleration Systems provides bandwidth optimization solutions that fit for all transportation industries, no matter the connection type, that will enhance performance, accelerate the Internet, encrypt confidential material, all while saving your business money.