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Maritime Shipping

Connecting at sea

The maritime shipping industry operates in one of the most challenging environments in regards to telecommunications. Once a ship is a few miles off shore, satellite communications are the lifeline for merchant marine vessels due to the lack of wireline access or radio infrastructures. The satellite connection has become the marine vessels one and only source for effectively transmitting voice and data traffic.

Reducing Costs

While generally expensive, satellite connections over open water is particularly pricy.  Up until now, marine vessel operators have survived on minimal amounts of bandwidth due to the cost of service, however current trends are demanding they obtain faster service. Expanding available bandwidth is regularly limited due to finances. Acceleration Systems’ solutions can provide relief of high connectivity costs typically associated with bandwidth optimization services. Our bandwidth technology has been proven to be reliable over satellite connections and will save marine vessel operators upwards of 40% or more in bandwidth savings.


Satellite is limited in performance and insufficient to meet the demands of operating today’s vessels because the satellite signal is shared among other vessels, thus lowering its capacity and speed. Existing capacity of the ship’s bandwidth is normally operating at maximum capacity causing cause unstable service for applications and devices during work hours. Acceleration Systems bandwidth optimization services can improve the speed and efficiency of the Internet even on weak or highly contended satellite signals. Our technology optimizes the entire connection, even when poor weather conditions impair bandwidth strength.

Ship Management and Fleet Operations

Maritime software that allows vessel operators to better manage fleet operations are helpful in streamlining operations. This new technology allows operators to plan for maintenance, evaluate purchasing, and manage payroll, crew, document control, and safety. Management software and applications require a stable connection to transfer throughout the ship and back to offices on land. Implementing Acceleration Systems’ onboard a vessel at sea will allow a stable connection required for operators to use management technology efficiently.

Crew Morale

Optimized bandwidth aboard a vessels allows operators to provide sea-faring crew members with quality connection services at a much lower cost.  Owners and operators of ships of all sizes are expected to provide telephony access at all times for crew. Crew welfare is important and should include email communication, phone calls, as well as Internet access all made possible with Acceleration Systems affordable services. Crew welfare is also important when retaining qualified, seasoned crew members. Providing high technology aboard can also play a great role in attracting and recruiting new crew members.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.