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Bus/Station Depot

Bandwidth Optimization for Buses and Stations


Commuters on busses depend on a Wi-Fi connection as much as they do on any other mode of public transportation.  Providing free Wi-Fi access will be the key to attracting the public back to public modes of transportation, such as the bus system. Commuters often carry several portable electronic devices during their commute to continue working. Commutes by bus can range from 30 minutes to an hour and riders have made it clear that it’s important to remain connected while traveling. Allowing bus passengers to connect to an Internet connection that has been optimized will provide a better online experience without the frustration of frequently dropped connections or an overburdened and slow network.

Service Alerts and Real-Time Location and Arrival Information

More and more riders are taking advantage of apps that share arrival times and real-time location of buses.  Passengers are also able to receive alerts and updates on service changes, route changes or station closures. Tech savvy bus passengers only can receive and utilize such information if buses and central command stations are sending and receiving data on strong connections. Existing connectivity on board buses maybe sufficient enough for the transfer of basic operational information, but that’s only if the connection is uninterrupted. Executing Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization will help maximize the potential for buses to share reliable data regarding location and arrival time in timely manner without exceeding the current bandwidth in place or slowing the network down.

Reliable Connection & Speed

Bus companies and services have experimented with providing Wi-Fi on buses for several years now and having Internet access on moving buses has hit several speed bumps. Moving buses, especially those traveling at high speeds, can affect the Wi-Fi and the Internet experience. Some have tried throwing additional bandwidth at the problem to solve connection issues only to receive less than satisfactory results. Optimizing current bandwidth with our revolutionary solutions can increase the stability and reliability of the connection without costly upgrades or changing the infrastructure.


Bringing Wi-Fi connections on board for buses is costly and routinely provides disappointing and inadequate results. Adding additional bandwidth to accommodate for more commuters, better performance and experience, and faster speeds can increase monthly service costs and require additional equipment. Acceleration Systems can optimize current bandwidth and accelerate the speed of the Internet for a minimal cost.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.