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Bandwidth optimization for ferries and ferry companies

Millions of people rely on ferry service and expect to have a seamless Internet experience just as they would with any other mode of transportation so many ferry systems have since deployed Wi-Fi service on board their vessels. While Wi-Fi is provided as a convenience, hundreds of passengers using the same Internet connection can quickly overload the network and become more of a headache than amenity.

Connection Types

Whether the ferries utilize a ship-to-shore point-to-multipoint wireless backhaul connection, large 3G aerials or satellite, speeds and reliability while moving across the water will vary because of the type of service the connection is made on. Coverage and stability of the connection can waiver due to atmospheric conditions and signal strength on occasion.

Terminal Service

Providing a reliable and speedy internet connection for your passengers on the ferry is important, passengers also want to connect to Wi-Fi while waiting inside the terminal or while parked in in the ferry line. Using Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions will not only increase the amount of bandwidth passengers can use, but also increase the speed to which they connect to the Internet.

Avoid Costly Upgrades

The need to increase bandwidth to accommodate for passenger use is great, but the cost to do so is even greater. Upgrading existing infrastructures on either vessels or on land in the terminal can be expensive and may offer very little in the way of increased speed or bandwidth. Implementing our bandwidth optimization solutions can provide better performance results is more effective than costly and time consuming network upgrades.  Acceleration Systems’ revolutionary new technology will help to provide fast and reliable Internet connections while reducing the cost to offer such a service is a win-win solution for passengers and the ferry industry.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.