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Bandwidth Optimization for Taxis

It has been proven that having access to Internet has a direct impact to the economic development of the world. Access makes us more productive even in a taxi cab.

Retention of Modern Passengers

Surveys around the world found that a majority of taxi cab passengers think that Internet access within taxis is vital. Countries and cities worldwide are partnering up with taxi councils and telecom companies to provide free and paid Internet for millions of commuters within taxi cabs.  Initiatives like this will provide high speed Internet access to passengers who use taxis as party of their daily commute. Such projects help modernize and revitalize existing fleets and retain existing customers. Incorporating high speed Internet within the taxi industry changes how commuters think of commuting by taxi. The goal is to change the existing taxi industry into a world class commuter service in efforts to bring people back to public transportation by using taxi services.

Helping Drivers

While passengers enjoy the use of Internet in the cab, the use of optimized bandwidth within the taxi can also help the driver as well.  Drivers use many taxi and navigation related apps to help grow their business and manage a busy day of driving. The use of optimized bandwidth within a taxi cab will allow the driver to access apps with increased performance and faster service due to enhancements made on the link.

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