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Bandwidth optimization for trains and trams

Commuter trains and trams are in the business of connecting people from point to point, and this now includes keeping passengers connected online as well. Due to the technical difficulties of maintaining a reliable and stable Internet connection within a moving train and the number of users at peak times, providing a strong and speedy connection for operational and commuter use has remained a challenge.

Bettering the commuter Wi-Fi experience

Tech savvy commuters

Commuters often lament over infuriating Wi-Fi connections aboard commuter trains and being stuck on a train or tram with an unreliable signal is no longer a valid excuse to be unavailable. Riders are desperate to connect and catch up on work and emails and find it completely frustrating to get booted off every few minutes. By optimizing the current bandwidth, high-latency issues are resolved and low-bandwidth connections are improved.

As the passenger rail industry starts to speed up the Internet service, the number of commuters trying to use the Wi-Fi service will also increase, inevitably slowing the network down. Implementing Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization service on board a train will allow more passengers to access the Internet while commuting without overwhelming the network.

Data-heavy activities that slow the network down and the transfer of large files, 10MB or larger, are typically restricted among many rail companies. With the use of bandwidth optimization, compression techniques would allow for existing Internet connections to handle and transfer larger files without slowing the network down.

Supplying trains and trams with a connection that has been optimized will also allow for the timely transfer of critical arrival and departure information for both passengers and operators. Transferring time sensitive information such as precise location and arrival/departure times can help passengers accurately plan their daily commutes. Data sent over optimized links help ensure that is sent and received as needed without delays.

Business Lounges and Stations

Passengers arriving at a station prior to or concluding a commute want and expect the ability to connect a variety of mobile devices to a single Wi-Fi network.  Allowing commuters to access a single network from inside the station, business lounges, and on the train or tram is key to offering a seamless rail passenger Wi-Fi experience. Those commuting for business purposes rely on a stable connection to continue working while inside a lounge or station. Providing an optimized, high-speed and reliable Internet connection for commuters is another value added benefit for passengers when they choose their transit routes, which can translate into higher customer satisfaction rates and revenues.

Developing better operations


Internet access can allow for real-time or near-real-time tracking of arrival and departure events on board the train. Train operators would benefit from being able to not only safely monitor the entire fleet with a reliable secure optimized bandwidth solution, but also reduce the cost and improve the operations management side of their business.

Quality of Connection

Even with costly upgrades to current services, railway companies will still continue to face obstacles and challenges. In order to maintain a stable connection, train or tram car connections must overcome loss of signals, poor coupler contacts on cars, limited visibility to wireless communication due to tunnels, and frequent handoffs within the cellular network resulting in packet loss and reordering. High-speed service is not always available and Internet service is often interrupted and even slowed due to the switching of Wi-Fi signals of varying service providers along railway routes. Our technology simply doesn’t have to battle those complications and instead boosts the existing Internet connection and allows it to operate smoothly even faced with the disruptions from the train service.

Connection Types

Acceleration Systems’ technology is capable of working with a variety of different communication technologies including 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, radio-over-fiber, and satellite. No matter the type of connection currently implanted on a train or tram, Acceleration Systems can improve the performance of your network.


New systems and software created to help monitor and maintain safety regulations all rely on the ability to connect effortlessly to transfer crucial data. If the connection aboard a train experiences high latency, packet loss or dropped connectivity, the safety of the train and its passengers could potentially be jeopardized. Optimized bandwidth on trains can enhance the safety of the train and service by allowing an operations center to monitor real-time train-related information through a reliable and stable connection enhanced by Acceleration Systems.

Cost Savings

Currently rail companies can either add network capacity or more modems to achieve small increases in speed and available bandwidth. Both options are costly, require equipment upgrades or changes to the existing infrastructure. By adding Acceleration Systems’ solutions to existing connections, rail companies will reduce costs on service, equipment, and deployment.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.