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Keep on truckin’ with optimized bandwidth

Connecting truck drivers and the industry

Optimizing connections for drivers

Regardless of the connection type, truck drivers can count on Acceleration Systems to optimize their current bandwidth and improve its performance. Whether connecting with 3G, 4G, satellite, or Wi-Fi, our solution will improve speed, performance, and reliability for those traveling the country working from inside their truck cabs.

Truck Stops

We know that drivers spend a good portion of their time at truck stops resting and relaxing in between deliveries. During this down time, drivers usually take the opportunity to get online to stream movies and shows, surf the web, check social media, and connect with loved ones. The problem is that the networks at the local truck stops are typically terrible or simply just overloaded. If the lot is full of trucks, the access may be slow at best. Implementing a RBA within the truck cabin will greatly improve connectivity permitting drivers to connect online without the frustrations of overloaded truck stop networks.

Offices, depots, and transfer stations

Trucking hubs are located all over and offer critical gateways to other parts of a country with easy access to major interstates, as well as railways and airports. Offices, depots, and transfer stations may also be located in remote areas unable to gain access to better performing bandwidth. Such locations typically have one or two costly options to increase the performance of their connection, upgrade existing infrastructures or bandwidth optimization. Until now, bandwidth optimization was an extremely expensive technique, but Acceleration Systems has revolutionized the optimization game and made it affordable for any size business. Optimizing your existing bandwidth will provide your office or depot with accelerated Internet, reduced data consumption, and better overall performance with software, file efficiency, and applications.

 The Benefits of Optimized Connections

There are many industry and work related benefits for truck drivers using an optimized Internet connection. Using our SaaS solution will help drivers use software and applications that help streamline the daily tasks associated with driving a rig. The adoption of a bandwidth optimization service will be a great accompaniment to the new technologies that the trucking industry is currently embracing and will quickly show to be a great return on investment, while increasing productivity and boosting the bottom line. The following technologies that the trucking industry use to operate a successful business will improve in performance with Acceleration System’s bandwidth optimization solutions.

Real Time Mechanical Performance Data

New software and services allow trucks out on the road to continuously collect performance data and send it to customer support centers. When potential problems arise, these customer support agents are able to examine real time data on the fly. This new technology allows drivers to schedule service appointments at their convenience. Such a service keeps drivers on the road giving them the chance to continue to earn revenue and keep their deliveries on schedule.

Cargo Load Boards

Driving without hauling a load can be costly and it’s crucial that drivers can find additional freight to haul and post their truck’s availability whenever possible. New apps and services allow truck drivers to access large load boards in the industry through their smart phones or tablets finding jobs and posting their truck for others to find.

Paperless Cabins

The trucking industry is moving away from paper inside the cab by allowing drivers to conduct business while remaining compliant with the use of the Internet.  Drivers using mobile devices are able to replace paperwork and submit data instantly allowing companies to work faster, smarter, and in more cost effective ways.

Navigation and Directories

Those who drive trucks for a living rely on directories and navigation services to avoid traffic, keep their deliveries on time, locate service centers and amenities and research fuel prices. Using internet that has been optimized will enhance such applications and services and keep truck drivers on the right path.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.