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Reduced Data Consumption

There’s more here than faster service

Bandwidth optimization from Acceleration Systems makes your Internet connection faster– as much as 30 times faster. See our speed test page for actual results.

How do we do this? Obviously, the connection hasn’t changed. Just the results.

What’s different is the amount of data and how it moves across your connection. We deploy a suite of technologies to maximize network responsiveness.

Many protocols implemented on the Internet do not make efficient use of the network. They often make requests which are not required or ask for information in small, inefficient amounts. Acceleration Systems provides a number of protocol optimizations to make inefficient protocols more productive. These combine to ensure that traffic to and from applications such as web sites, email, cloud-based file shares, collaboration, and ERP are fully optimized.

Advanced compression and deduplication techniques also play a key role in speeding up the network by reducing the number of bytes that move across your Internet connection. This process results in what we like to call reduced data consumption. Fewer bytes mean faster delivery.

Let’s take a look at actual results reported from the speed test incorporated in our software. This is the same test reported on the speed test page. You’ll be able to run this test yourself once you have our acceleration service.

Acceleration Systems Cumulative Data OffloadNotice the data offload value in the Cumulative Offload Statistics image. Data offload is the difference between the size of the file on your computer or server and the amount of data actually transferred. In this example we effectively downloaded 2,680 MB with only 734 MB. That was a savings – or offload – of 1946 megabytes. On the upload side, it only took 15 MB to deliver a 482 MB file, resulting in a savings of 467 MB. Do that consistently and you decrease your need for bandwidth by over 75%.

Reducing the bandwidth requirement might make the difference between useable Internet and service that is too slow to meet your needs. Acceleration Systems’ technology enables you to do business even in areas where high speed Internet is not available.

Bandwidth Optimization Reduces Data Consumption

Acceleration Systems’ optimization techniques result in up to 800% increase in delivered bandwidth.

There is another potentially important implication to moving less data. Services such as cellular and satellite frequently charge extra when you exceed the contracted volume of data in a month. Overages can range from a few dollars to hundreds depending upon how heavily the link is used. In these situations our service can provide reduced data consumption, increase the performance of the link, and save you money at the same time.

More for less. We like that, don’t you?


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