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Who Can Benefit?

Infrastructure Vendors

Appliance vendors are in a unique position to benefit from ISAAC’s advanced technology. Incorporating the software into their existing solutions can increase their ability to improve internet performance without significant investment in their own technology development or in upgrades to their manufacturing. This can provide a significant competitive advantage in marketing to infrastructure decision-makers.

That means routers, firewalls, UTM, CASB, In-flight WiFi, SD-WAN, and other edge devices are all ideal opportunities for infrastructure vendors to deploy ISAAC as part of their offering.

ISAAC’s dynamic, cost effective, and efficient solution to bandwidth optimization is:

  • A unique comprehensive bandwidth optimization suite
  • A light-weight, all software solution
  • Easily embedded into existing products
  • Faster to market (in revenue in 90 days)
  • Turnkey, allowing maintained focus on core competencies