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Who Can Benefit?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

By using network resources more efficiently and time-shifting data transfers to non-peak times, ISAAC can reduce overall network congestion and peak time network congestion. ISAAC offers benefits throughout the ISP network, particularly at the edge or in acquired legacy networks.

At the edge, where lower population density makes the cost of infrastructure upgrades prohibitive, ISAAC can improve performance and user experience over existing infrastructure.

For ISPs who have grown through acquisition, ISAAC is a cost-effective way to immediately boost performance of legacy networks, providing operators with time to deploy more modern infrastructure.

In both cases, ISAAC optimizes existing connections for better customer retention, higher customer satisfaction, and a more stable customer base.

ISAAC can help ISPs:

  • Reduce overall network congestion and peak time network congestion
  • Bridge gap between lower population density areas that can’t support infrastructure upgrades and corporate customer’s goals for improved internet performance for users
  • Boost performance of legacy networks inherited in acquisitions
  • Improve performance and responsiveness of any IP network-which translates into improved customer experience.