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Who Can Benefit?

Underserved Enterprise Locations

Businesses with hundreds of locations face a significant cost challenge in improving internet performance. Across so many facilities, traditional WAN Op products are just not a cost-effective solution.

But ISAAC is. And not just cost-effective, but easy to deploy. With a unified management platform, it’s an ideal solution for large enterprises that need to boost network performance throughout all their locations.

ISAAC offers enterprises with underserved locations:

  • Low-cost appliance solution
  • Faster web page loads
  • Accelerated Internet
  • Improved application performance
  • Compatibility with any end user device (PC, laptop, phone, tablet)
  • Management of diverse networks
  • Optimization over the last mile where biggest challenges lie
  • Improved performance over any link
  • Reduced traffic across connection
  • Immediate ROI
  • Low CapEx
  • Software as a service model
  • Managed service that eases IT burden