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Cloud Service Providers

Evolving the computing paradigm with cloud service providers

We live in a highly connected world. This unprecedented level of interconnection is driving a new way of developing applications, services, and the next generation of platforms – all in the cloud.

The cloud is the next step in the evolution of IT. Cloud services represent a new way of doing business and a new method for offering services. Cloud computing leverages third party computational capability over the network. Cloud services offer lower costs, increased scale, improved agility, and access to best practices.

The cloud is a very dynamic environment. Everything is on demand, self-service. Computing resources and software that used to be capital expenses are now available on a fee for service basis. This changes the way IT departments allocate budgets and how vendors approach the market. But it also provides tremendous challenges.

The cloud is not necessarily going to make every aspect of computing easier. If well implemented, the development of the cloud holds the potential to make computing and services less expensive.

A major issue with the cloud is security. Each new data breaches increases the pressure on both enterprise IT and web commerce operations to improve cloud security. At the enterprise level it is the protection of intellectual property.  In commerce it requires creating adequate safeguards that protect everything from personal data (name, address, DoB, social security number) to credit card information and banking records. Security will improve over time because the forces pushing cloud development required it.

As promising as cloud computing is, it depends upon adequate bandwidth from cloud-based resources to end users.  While not a major problem in most urban areas, many offices are not in urban areas – and many rural offices struggle to keep workers productive. Bandwidth optimization services from Acceleration Systems turn inadequate links into productive connections.  Our approach is unique.

At Acceleration Systems we locate our optimization engines in the cloud. We optimize all traffic (not just data from a single site) to remote sites – SaaS applications, cloud data access, email, web surfing, FTP transfers, and more.  No expensive acceleration engine to purchase; no time consuming configuration required. Just a small device, our RBA, that ships pre-configured for fast and easy setup. And our modest monthly service fee makes bandwidth optimization practical for any size office from one user to hundreds.

The best way to determine if bandwidth optimization is right for you is to try it in your environment. Find out what a difference bandwidth optimization can make in your productivity and worker moral. Evaluation is easy. Just request a free 14 day on-site trial.