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First Responders

Bandwidth optimization for first responders

During the aftermath of a natural disaster when the sirens are sounding, many lives are at stake and depend upon first responders’ abilities to coordinate fast disaster relief efforts. From coordinating with other first responders to updating government officials on current situations, communication is absolutely vital in these situations. Unfortunately, first responders are faced with several tremendous challenges that threaten their ability to communicate and safely manage a crisis situation.

The biggest threat that first responders face during a crisis is the ability to access and use existing terrestrial communication systems. As we have seen in the past, large scale disasters have the ability to knock out communication infrastructures, leaving rescue teams scrambling to communicate in more extreme methods of connectivity. Acceleration Systems’ technology enables first responders to experience reliable and secure access of networked resources and applications across any connection. Our bandwidth optimization services are fully managed and improve productivity at remote locations, leaving first responders and their teams to manage more important aspects of disaster relief.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions offers several benefits for first responders.

  • Improved performance over any link
  • Reduced traffic across connection
  • Managed service eases IT burden
  • Software as a-service model
  • Optimizes last mile where biggest challenges lie
  • No bulky equipment reducing your carbon footprint

Increase Bandwidth Capacity and Lower Costs

Acceleration Systems uses a combination of advanced compression techniques and caching technologies to increase the effective capacity of the connection by as much as 800% – and in some instances even more. Reducing the bandwidth consumption might be the difference between a functioning and usable connection and service that is too slow to meet the needs of first responders, impairing their duties and abilities. Acceleration Systems’ technology enables first responders to gain access to better performing connections, even in remote areas. These connectivity efficiencies can reduce the cost of bandwidth, while simultaneously supporting more users and improving performance.

Protocol Acceleration

Latency across connections – especially satellite and cellular links – can negatively impact performance. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization employs protocol manipulation technologies to accelerate TCP, HTTP, FTP, CIFS, MAPI, Citrix and other protocols. While our service cannot eliminate latency, it will improve responsiveness for remote users.


Operating a distributed network demands the flexibility to deliver fast, secure access to legitimate users and simultaneously to deny access to unauthorized remotes. Our bandwidth optimization technology offers a secured network that delivers the highest levels of security to protect your communications and does so at terrestrial-like speeds.

Compatible with all technologies

Our bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies.

Easy Deployment

The last thing emergency responders should be worried about is deployment of technology, especially technology that is supposed to help ease their job, not complicate it. Deployment of other bandwidth optimization technologies can be tricky and can take months to implement – even with the benefit of an IT department. Thankfully for first responders and the public that they serve, Acceleration Systems’ new optimization technology is super easy. We mean really easy. Deployment is fast and easy. We know it’s hard to believe. The first time we set it up ourselves we were amazed, so trust us when we say it’s simple! Anyone participating in a rescue or recovery effort can deploy an RBA and in a matter of minutes can have our optimized bandwidth technology up and running paving the way for first responders to have access to more efficient communications.

Reliability, quality, security. Just what you need when the stakes are high. Contact us to find out more and take advantage of our free trial.



Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.