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IT Service Providers

New high value offering to IT Service Providers

IT consultants are an integral component in the delivery of information technology. Businesses, large and small, and individuals rely on outside consultants to advise them on how to use information technology to their best advantage. The consultant’s goal is to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems for clients regardless of the size of the organizations they serve.

In large organizations IT consultants may be called upon to provide strategic guidance with regard to technology, IT infrastructures, cloud computing, and enabling major business processes through enhancements to IT. Consultants are also called upon to deliver specialized training and for guidance during the selection and procurement of hardware, cloud services, and connectivity.

As the reliance upon connectivity to access everything grows (from email to data repositories, and websites to SaaS applications), the selection of Internet services becomes vital. Some IT service providers specialize in connectivity. Other IT network consultants, while providing different core services, also arrange connectivity for clients when requested.

Until the release of Acceleration Systems’ cloud-based bandwidth acceleration service, connection optimization was too expensive for most small to medium sized enterprises. Now IT network consultants have a new service to offer clients that dramatically improves responses from remote resources and increases local productivity.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization delivers new levels of convenience and efficiency.

  • Improved performance over any link
  • Reduced traffic across the connection
  • Optimizes last mile where biggest challenges lie
  • Software as a service dramatically lowers CapEx

Compatible with all technologies

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization service is compatible with all communications media.

Easy Deployment
Deployment of bandwidth optimization technologies used to be tricky and take months to implement. Our engine is in the cloud so we manage that operation. We even ship the customer the RBA pre-configured for fast and easy setup. Just what you want for that remote location hours from your office. It so easy the delivery driver can have our optimized bandwidth technology up and running in a matter of minutes.

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